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Covenant capaCITY training platform

The programme deals with developing a new SEAP (“1st generation” SEAP) and provides ideas when reviewing existing SEAPs (“2nd generation” SEAP). It gives basic guidance, offers ideas, hints, tips and tools - dealing with people, structures, processes for politicians and technical staff.Explore the platform: become a learner or a trainer!

Start the training now clicking on one of the 8 inter-connected topics listed below:

lev2 mod8 lev2 mod7 lev2 mod6 lev2 mod5 lev2 mod4 lev2 mod3 lev2 mod2 lev 2 mod 1 lev 1 mod 8 lev 1 mod 7 lev 1 mod 6 lev 1 mod 5 lev 1 mod 4 lev 1 mod 3 lev 1 mod 2 lev 1 mod 1 lev 1 menu Click here for Level 2 Click here for Water module Click here for GHG inventories module Click here for SEAP development module Click here for Procurement module
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