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Introducing Covenant capaCITY

Covenant capaCITY takes up the urgent challenge to develop more sustainable energy communities (SEC) across Europe. This is done by offering a comprehensive European capacity building programme for local governments to support all the phases of implementing a Sustainable Energy and Climate  Action Plan (SECAP) – from motivation, planning, implementation, to monitoring and evaluating.  It empowers and supports municipalities to sign up to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy – helping to bring together committed cities and towns, and  their supporters.

What do people say about Covenant capaCITY?

Who can get training?

Free training is offered in the project lifetime to specific actors. On registration your application is approved, if you qualify:

  • Local governments in Europe:

    • local decision-makers (mayors, vice mayors, councilors, opposition leaders)
    • municipal staff  (senior, mid-level and junior staff dealing with energy, including departments:  transport, water, waste, urban planning, communication, Local Agenda 21, etc.)

  • Potential trainers – through the capaCITY trainer programme:

    • local government associations & networks
    • energy agencies working with municipalities

Which capaCITY Trainers have already joint us? Sign up, too.

The training programme

The programme deals with developing a new SEAP (“1st generation” SEAP) and provides ideas when reviewing existing SEAPs (“2nd generation” SEAP). It gives basic guidance, offers ideas, hints, tips and tools - dealing with people, structures, processes.

The Local Energy Action Plan (LEAP) Wizard is an online-decision making support tool developed to assist municipal action planning. It compares facts and figures and identifies replicable actions that can be applied to the specific context of a municipality.

The online Toolbox of Methodologies is a continually growing collection of good practice resources and methodologies that covers every aspect of SEAP development and improvement.

a)  The structure is comprised of:

  • 10 inter-connected topics (dealt with as modules):  greenhouse gas inventories, SEAP development,  stakeholder involvement, procurement, plus 4 sectors: buildings, transport, waste, water, as well as newly added: social acceptance of renewable energy and community energy.

  • Per topic there are two thematic modules – one for start-up level and another for more advanced communities. Each topic is structured as follows:

    • Brief introduction (“the basics” - what, why and important information
    • Key issues
    • Recommended steps
    • Processes (dealing with people, policy, and finances)
    • Guidance (project tools, policy context, tips and tools)

b)  Multi-country focus:

  • The programme offered is practical and multi-lingual, using a sound learning approach for professionals. Initially a generic European version (in English) will be offered - relevant to local governments across Europe.
  • This will be followed by 12 country versions to address country-specific aspects in the national language for:
    • Bulgaria
    • Croatia
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • France
    • Greece
    • Italy
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Slovenia
    • Sweden
    • United Kingdom (UK)

An experienced consortium of 19 partners from 15 countries built this  programme for local governments! The Covenant capaCITY project was co-funded by the European Commission.  Without this support the project would not have been realised.

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