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Highlights of Covenant capaCITY

• Estonia: 1,100 local government representatives and energy stakeholders participated in the capaCITY National Motivation Conference

• Bulgaria: Covenant of Mayors’ signatories doubled since capaCITY kicked off in Bulgaria

• Finland: Public-Private-Partnership alliance formed for resource efficiency

• France: Triggered series of stakeholder involvement events led to selection of Pays de Romans as pilot for Rhône-Alpes region

• Romania: Development support of a € 350 million European Investment Bank refurbishment project

• Greece: More than 380,000 residents will benefit from the implementation of the energy efficiency measures of the developed and approved SEAPs in 9 municipalities

• Italy: CO2e reduction of 170,570 t due to capaCITY and cooperation with Italian Ministry of Environment

• Slovenia: National local government association enabled to train others, 15 feasibility studies and 6investment plans produced

• Croatia: SEAP developed in the fifth largest city in Croatia, Zadar, and by being the most southern city now serving as lighthouse example for energy action adapted to warmer climate conditions

• United Kingdom: County leader almost quadruplicated its expected performance to support local energy planning and assisted successfully 7 local governments in the County of Worcestershire to mobilise funding of £3.4 million for energy efficiency improvements in the private building sector

• Poland: 27 local governments - representing 1.15 million Poles - directly and indirectly benefited from the development/improvement of their SEAPs thanks to the 9 capaCITY trainers

• Sweden: In September 2012 the midterm conference of Covenant capaCITY in Malmö attracted more than 150 energy stakeholders from different European countries - over 100 participants followed the inspiring speeches online

Selected Performance Indicators

  • Currently more than 80 capaCITY Trainers active in 15 European countries
  • capaCITY for the development of 90 SEAPs throughout the EuropeanUnion, already 59 of them have been approved by the Local Council 
  • capaCITY for the improvement of 22 2nd generation SEAPs in Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Greece, Poland and Romania
  • Assistance for further 57 SEAPs that are in the pipeline of development
  • More than € 3.5 billion triggered investments until 2020 due to Covenant capaCITY
  • Cumulatively approx. 13.5 Mt CO2e reduction by 2020
  • 31 TWh energy saved and 9 TWh renewable energy put into the energy system by 2020

Insights into the energy transition of Germany

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