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Welcome to the Covenant capaCITY website!

What is Covenant capaCITY?

"Capacity building of local governments to advance Local Climate and Energy Action – from planning to action to monitoring" was a 3-year project, which resulted in an online training platform for local governments.  

The main project aim is to assist Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP) development in Europe - from motivation, planning, implementation, to monitoring and evaluating.  It does this by dealing with three main activities:

  1. An easy learning programme is offered to:

    • local governments (local leaders and municipal staff)

  2. A ‘train-the-trainer’ programme to extend the support offered, inviting participation of representatives from:

    • local government associations and networks
    • energy agencies working with municipalities

  3. It actively supports selected cities and towns in 15 countries – step-by-step rolling-out their Local Climate and Energy Actions.

What do people say about Covenant capaCITY?

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This project was co-funded by the European Commission, and supports the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.  

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