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Welcome to the Trainer library!

The Covenant capaCITY project aims to enhance local climate and energy action through empowering local governments (LGs) with appropriate knowledge and support in all phases of their sustainable action planning.

A major goal, while assisting Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) development in Europe, is to ensure that qualified and committed experts have the possibility of coming together, starting from different professional backgrounds, sharing their experiences, building the capacity of others, motivating their peers and integrating their area of expertise.

The trainer library is specifically designed to support trainers in building capacity of local governments. It provides tools, training opportunities and useful information.


Start now!

  •  The trainer role - what is a capaCITY trainer?
  • Your commitment -  training needs
  • The capaCITY trainer guide
  • Train the trainer opportunities

  • Jazz up your presentation skills (ppt)
  • "Pimp my meeting" - guidance for events
  • Your target group: dealing with local political leaders
  • Your target group: training municipal staff

  • GHG inventories
  • SEAPs
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Procurement
  • Buildings
  • Mobility
  • Waste
  • Water


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