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CapaCITY trainer

If you are interested in becoming a CapaCITY trainer, using the provided training package for free and benefiting from various opportunities of exchange and visibility, please contact us: covenant-capacity@iclei.org


What trainers say about Covenant CapaCITY:

Promotion of environmental-friendly policies and citizens’ attitude change, are of great importance for achieving the Covenant of Mayors’ scopes.  The Covenant capaCITY project has helped us to develop capacities in order to communicate to citizens and local stakeholders the benefits of acting towards low carbon emission targets.

Maria Symeonidou-Sideris, capaCITY TRAINER, Greece

Thanks to Covenant capaCITY Polish municipalities found an opportunity to gain a comprehensive perspective
on how to develop and improve Low Emission Economy Plans for a greener and more sustainable environment for
their citizens.

Piotr Pawelec, capaCITY Trainer, President of the Institute of Good Ecosolutions, Poland


Covenant capaCITY has enabled us to support Wychavon District Council in the development of its Home
Energy Conservation Plans, this in turn has led to the roll-out and delivery of a high efficiency boiler scheme for

Rachel Jones, capaCITY Country Leader, Act on Energy, United Kingdom




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