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Level 2: advanced approaches towards sustainable and energy efficient buildings
-guidance to review procurement in an existing SECAP-


Main issues addressed in this module:

This advanced module on buildings provides guidance and recommendations to local governments (LGs) which go beyond the basic guidance on sustainable and energy efficient buildings. It gives political and administrative decision-makers of LGs access to knowledge for assessing the energy performance of the existing building stock as well as new constructions with comprehensive analytical tools and methodologies. Innovative urban policy options are showcased and energy saving building measures of the second generation are outlined for replication including the following issues:

  • Retrofitting historical buildings
  • Energy efficient renovation and construction procurement
  • Energy performance contracting with citizens
  • Solving strategies for the landlord-tenant dilemma
  • Fostering district cooling and green data centres
  • Benefits of passive and smart buildings as well as natural ventilation planning
  • Effective energy monitoring in public buildings
  • Steps in designing a communication strategy for buildings


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