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Level 2: Advanced training on conducting a comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions inventory
-guidance to review GHGs and address these in an existing SECAP-


Main issues addressed in this module:

  • In this advanced Module on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions you will find ideas on how to raise the level of ambition when identifying GHGs, and how to optimise the monitoring approach in your Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP), including:

    • Approaches to expand calculations and include new data, e.g. gases in addition to CO2
    • Create a follow-up system
    • Exploring Scope 3 emissions
    • Exploring and managing "2nd level drivers" of transport related issues, in particular the correlation between CO2 emissions and other pollutants, health, safety, noise reduction, creating smart grids
    • Going beyond the 2020 targets in an ambitious way, e.g. develop a carbon neutral strategy for the community and set goals until 2050


Too advanced for you? Go to the start-up level Greenhouse gas inventory module to get an introduction to the topic.



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