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Communicate with internal and external stakeholders

  • Communicate your inventory results and the evolution of your GHG emissions to local stakeholders.

    • Why ? It supports transparency and awareness raising among the people and organizations directly involved in the GHG reduction efforts
    • How ? It is important to use visualization that encourages engagement – i.e. positive reinforcement and no “doom and gloom” messages.

  • The communication should form part of your overall communication plan, releasing relevant news and messages to specific local stakeholders through specific communication channels.
  • Internal communication: The municipality leadership and staff should be aware of the GHG reduction objectives and their role in supporting this. They can provide valuable feedback – monitoring and reporting GHG trends in their departments for instance.
  • External communication: Without your local stakeholders you will not be able to achieve your planned GHG reductions. Communication of the targets and developments should be addressed among the local community and other relevant stakeholders (e.g. regulatory agencies, data providers, etc).





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