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Strengthen your action plan with more ambitious measures

Setting more ambitious targets

  • It is important to understand the range of GHGs in the whole community in order to set new, more ambitious targets in your revised Action Plan.
  • Decide how you intend to broaden your focus. What can be enhanced or added to your GHG inventory? Consider the following:

    • Additional GHGs
    • Additional sectors not previously addressed, e.g. waste or water sectors.
    • Scope 3 / life-cycle emissions e.g. in products, for food, etc.

Develop long-term scenarios (to 2050)

  • In your 1st generation SECAP the focus probably was on a target for 2020, addressing the role of the local government (where GHGs come from its own operations) and what is possible in the wider local community - looking at a few scenarios for GHG reduction as a starting point and the costs. When raising the level of ambition it is useful to set a theoretical target – e.g. carbon neutrality by 2050 - and explore how this can be achieved.
  • It is recommended to expand the range of scenarios, going beyond the minimum of 2 scenarios – the Business as Usual (BaU) and 1 low-carbon scenario. To give your Council a wider range of options can help improve their understanding of different aspects that impact on achieving a carbon neutral future.





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