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Level 2: 2nd level SECAPs and Other Impacts: Other Pollutants, Safety, Smart Grids, Adaptation
-guidance to review mobility in an existing SECAP-


“A step forward for a carbon free city”

According to the data of the carbonn City Climate Registry, the share of emissions from the mobility sector in a community-wide inventory mostly comes in third, second or even first. Moreover analysts foresee mobility to be the biggest future headache for Europe’s low-carbon pathway towards 2050, as these sectorial emissions are constantly rising. More attention and ambition is needed. This module will help you to explore and tap hidden potentials.

Main issues addressed in this module:

  • Synergise moblity and energy planning
  • Exploring and managing "2nd  level drivers" of transport related issues, in particular the correlation between CO2 emissions and other pollutants, safety, noise, smart grids
  • Trying to go "beyond" the simple 2020 SECAP targets to develop a "Mobility carbon neutral strategy" for the Local Government that sets its goals to 2050


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