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Improve monitoring and evaluation

  • No matter how comprehensive your approach to sustainable procurement implementation, it is vital to make sure you keep a record of your results.
  • Regularly review performance.
  • Monitoring contract compliance is key to successful implementation of GPP and having environmental contract clauses is only effective if compliance with these clauses is properly monitored. Different forms of contract compliance monitoring can be applied:

    • The supplier may be requested to supply evidence of compliance
    • The contracting authority may carry out spot checks
    • A third party may be contracted to monitor compliance

  • Appropriate penalties for non-compliance or bonuses for good performance should be included within the contract.

What is early market engagement and why should a LG do this while implementing GPP?

  • Early market engagement – undertaking a dialogue with the market before tendering – has been embraced by many European public authorities.
  • They use a variety of different approaches from one-to-one exchanges up to workshops with public procurers and suppliers.
  • Early market engagement opens for opportunities to know what innovative and highly energy efficient products and services are available. Information and guidance was developed in the SMART-SPP project.

    • “By engaging actively with the market, we have discovered that there are suppliers who understand the need to demonstrate solutions which clearly indicate how quickly capital costs can be recovered and how real carbon footprint reductions can be achieved.” Dave Starling, Head of Procurement, London Borough of Bromley

  • To get a better idea how these concepts have been applied in practice watch this video with case studies on early market engagement and life-cycle costing (available in five languages), or read the comprehensive case study collection.





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