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  • Public Procurment Strategy
  • A few of the proposed Directive include voluntary measures in GPP are:

    • Explicit recognition that technical specifications may include reference to the production process or any other stage of the life-cycle for all types of contract (Article 40);
    • Possibility to refer to specific environmental or social labels in technical specifications (Article 41);
    • Explicit recognition that life-cycle costing (LCC), including external environmental costs, may be an award criterion and introduction of rules regarding the calculation of LCC (Article 67);
    • Recognition (as in the current Directive) that contract conditions may include social and environmental requirements (Article 70).

  • Further reading: Strategy Paper on the Sustainability Potential of Public Procurement for Food and Housing,
  • SMART SPP - A practical guide for public authorities
  • Interested in further training offers (e.g. conferences, workshops)? Take a look here


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