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MODULE 2.4: SECAP Development


Communicate, communicate, communicate

Review your communication strategy for the SECAP

  • Improve internal communication in the Municipality

    • All employees and persons working on behalf of the Municipality should be aware of the impacts of energy consumption and should made aware of their role within the implementation of the SECAP

  • Improve / extend external communication with local stakeholders

    • Implementation should be accompanied by regular involvement of stakeholders (not only the ones that committed to implement actions)
    • The Municipality should constantly look for the participation of stakeholders that did not take part in the first phase of the SECAP development
    • The monitoring of the implementation of the selected actions should trigger the communication of the partial and final results of the actions through local communication channels

Together we are stronger

Take part in LG networks

  • Regional / National /European level: Improving framework condition
  • European / International level: improving access to finance and recognition of LGs





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