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MODULE 2.2: SECAP Development

Strengthen your action plan with more ambitious measures

Plan activities for more complex, advanced, costly measures

Good planning of actions should include prioritization of measures under the economic and financial point of view (always keeping in mind the Municipal Strategy):

  • Cost-free measures
  • Short pay-back-time measures
  • Medium and long pay-back-time measures
  • Measures that need significant cooperation with local stakeholders
  • Cost-free and short pay-back-time measures should always be implemented as soon as possible
  • For more ambitious and costly actions project financing opportunities, among other, should be explored and relevant stakeholders (local experts, ESCos, financial players) should be engaged
  • Do not underestimate the competences and fund-raising skills of local, private stakeholders

Cooperate with infra/supra LGs (region, commune...)

  • If you are a small LG, seek the cooperation of your neighbouring LGs to pool resources and structures in a common approach:

    • Work with neighbouring LGs on common projects that need a broader focus – e.g. on mobility, agriculture, etc.
    • Explore the opportunity to develop a joint SECAP

  • If you are a larger LG, lead a conurbation approach by engaging smaller LGs in your area:

    • Each member develop its own SECAP, while synergies are looked for to work on common measures
    • Periodic working groups of LGs could be organised to foster the skills and common work
    • Check out the results of the CONURBANT project proposing this type of approach

  • Always look for cooperation with higher-level governments (region, province, county, etc.): they might be promoters of larger actions or provide political/technical/communication support
  • Learn from others: Participate in local, regional, national thematic working groups
  • Learn from others: Participate in local, regional, national, European, international LG networks
  • Look for Covenant Coordinators and Supporters in your area at www.covenantofmayors.eu


  •   Climatize your budget

    •   identify in your budget every action you can bring into your SECAP

  •   Innovative finance

  • Having a SECAP does NOT mean to have direct access to EU funds, but having a SECAP is an opportunity to access EU funds that are dedicated to LGs with a SECAP or similar plan (having a plan means having a clear political strategy and technical measures waiting to be implemented!)
  • Some EU funds are not easy to access:

    • They might need you to work together with other LGs or with higher-level Governments to create a critical mass of measures interesting for ESCos and financial institutions
    • They might need you to work with external experts

  • The ELENA “family” of EU funding programmes might offer you the right “size” of technical assistance:




Check out the EU Commission report on funding tools for energy efficiency: http://www.eumayors.eu/IMG/pdf/Financing_energy_efficiency.pdf




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