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Improve monitoring and evaluation            

Monitor and evaluate to obtain stakeholder  buy-in  (embed in SECAP process)



One way to monitor activities is to create a collaborative platform for each stakeholder (type) to submit its commitments, action plan and GHG emission reduction. Give them visibility. Thus you encourage them to do more and at the same time gain a constant overview about the current status of action taken.
Ongoing monitoring processes are also key so that it is easy to see if an area of any action plan is not delivering a simple and effective method is the traffic light method of RED, AMBER, GREEN to asses whether and element of the SECAP is on or missing target.


Moreover it is important that your SECAP/climate change communication activities should be evaluated to show their effectiveness, and it is advisable to plan this at the outset. Considering how you will evaluate your communications strategy also helps you to be realistic when (re)defining your communication objectives. Examples of evaluation methods might be; questionnaires, follow up interviews, web or internet surveys, or seeking evidence that action has been taken as a result of your communication.  For example departments providing evidence that they have integrated planning for climate change into their standard business planning procedures.

Involve stakeholders in the evaluation process of your SECAP. This could be linked to an annual event or even a pledge process. It is important that during the SECAP process that any targets/indicators are agreed by stakeholders and are ‘real’ deliverables that can be achieved. This can be challenging when looking at indicators linked to behavioural change particular behavioural change with citizens.
However, evaluation can also be planned in a more informal and ad hoc way, like making sure you receive feedback verbally from a specific audience on their awareness of the project, or gathering a group of key stakeholders to evaluate a specific communication output such as a newsletter or leaflet.





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