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Level 2: Advanced training on water and energy
-guidance to review procurement in an existing SEAP-


“Optimise the water-energy nexus in your whole community!”


Main issues addressed in this module:

  •     In this advanced Module on on Water you will find details on how to optimise the water-energy nexus (the interconnection between water and energy), with specific issues relevant to your Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) including:

    •     Strengthening the water-energy nexus by addressing sufficiency, efficiency and sustainability.
    •     Following an integrated management approach to water
    •     Networking and knowledge exchange between local governments and businesses leads to influencing market evolution
    •     Communication and evaluation of results
    •     How to generate political support for green energy / low carbon purchasing
    •     Introducing products, services and works with a high environmental relief potential such as events, vehicles and food / catering

 Too advanced for you? Go to the start-up level Water module to get an introduction to the topic.


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