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Track and understand developments                    

-    Monitoring and evaluating helps to understand developments and measure progress in achieving the defined objectives and targets.

-    It can also be useful to assess the facilities’ compliance in meeting regulatory requirements, if required. Monitoring and evaluation allows the facility to track the performance and improve efficiency by controlling its operational parameters. It is important to note that the process needs reliable and up to date data that can be referenced against the defined baseline assessment to accurately measure progress in achieving the objectives and targets.
-    The following steps can be established for an effective monitoring and evaluation system:

Step 1) Identify key characteristics of operations and activities that can have significant impact in energy and water saving,
Step 2) Track performance of equipments and applied interventions,
Step 3) Monitor conformance with operational controls,
Step 4) Calibrate and maintain monitoring equipment,
Step 5) Periodically evaluate your compliance with the set plan and applicable regulations.



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