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Level 1: Start-up training
-guidance to create 1st SECAP of municipality-


“If we want to transform our society into an energy efficient and decarbonised one, energy-intelligent buildings will play a vital role.” Günther Oettinger, Former EU Commissioner for Energy

Main issue addressed in this module:

Explore how the introduction of an energy management system for your public buildings as well as building retrofitting and renewable energy integration will save money and reduce emissions in the short as well as long-term. This module briefly outlines the key issues, offers basic guidance on the solutions relevant to buildings and gives you answers to the following questions, among others:

(Source: © National Geographic StockTyrone Turner  WWF)

  • What is the importance of buildings in the context of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan?
  • Why are green buildings different?
  • What are the main tasks of LGs for managing energy better in their existing building stock?
  • What are policy measures for efficient buildings LGs should consider in their SECAPs?
  • How to boost cost-effective investment?


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