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Recommended steps

Recommendations about steps – listed as actions for a local government

  1. Get started – decide to conduct a GHG inventory. This implies taking responsibility – your community GHGs need to be reduced, with local stakeholders to be involved in a process.
  2. Conduct a GHG inventory – select an appropriate tool, identify sectors to be addressed, collect data (municipal departments, external actors), add data to inventory calculation
  3. Assess results: GHGs and energy situation – identify problem areas
  4. Establish a baseline to help future monitoring 
  5. Analyse available data and identify data gaps
  6. dentify challenges and opportunities – to help action planning and identifying stakeholders
  7. Use the results of the GHG inventory to determine which targets can be considered
  8. Set up a process of monitoring & reporting

Image source: ICLEI’s European Cities for Climate Protection Campaign 5-step methodology




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