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Quotes about Covenat CapaCITY


“Preservation and proper management of resources, is one of the major scopes of the Municipal Authority of Hersonissos. We promote viable solutions at local level targeting climatic changes in order to protect the environment. The Covenant capaCITY project has helped our organisation understand the importance of raising awareness amongst citizens at local level, in order to achieve the 2020 Energy targets.”

Zacharias Doxastakis, Mayor of Hersonisos, Greece


“The Covenant capaCITY project has supported the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg to reach out more effectively to the municipalities in their area by providing them with tailor-made guidance and tools to create their local energy and climate strategies.”

Malin Norling, Climate Strategist, Environment Department, City of Malmö, Sweden



“The capaCITY online platform is an excellent tool for local governments to learn how to kick-off or improve the full set of sustainable energy planning and implementation of action at local scale.”

Daniela Luise, Head of Agenda21 Office, City of Padova, Italy


“The establishment of Sustainable Energy Action Plans introduces new practises of energy policies and their management of environmental and societal processes among many European cities and towns. Such practises concerning climate and energy issues are examples of excellent social innovations: They advance problem solving and acceptance of change in administrations and resident populations concerned, leading to beneficial social and ecological impact even beyond the local communities.“

Univ. Prof. Dr. Josef Hochgerner, Centre for Social Innovation, Austria


“Adopting an SEAP is an excellent tool to bring together people who do not have much opportunity to talk to each other otherwise.
Still, adopting it is only a first step: An SEAP is first and foremost a management tool, which means time and energy to develop new habits and trans-sectorial communication within the organisation!
The SEAP should therefore set goals in the short and long term to keep efforts for the duration of the mandate.”

Damien Dussut, SEAP Officer, Agglomération Plaine Commune, France



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