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Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Local Energy Leadership Projects


Cities Exchanging on Local Energy Leadership:design and deliver large-scale networking opportunities and mutual learning activities for local energy leadership. 


An inclusive peer-to-peer approach to involve EU CONURBations and wide urban:helping medium-large cities and the smaller towns in their urban area using peer-to-peer support and training between less and more experienced municipalities. 



A network of sustainable ENERGY supporting structures FOR the Covenant of MAYORS: the first project actively supporting Covenant Supporters and Coordinators - reaching the EU climate and energy goals by involving European cities and towns in sustainable energy planning, reducing energy consumption and increasing the share of renewable energy sources (RES).

More support? Visit the Toolbox of Methodologies on Climate and Energy



Local Digital Energy Learning Network for Action: add value to local actions in rural communities, creating an intelligent and integrated "Rural Web Energy Learning Network for Action".



Leadership for Energy Action and Planning: bridge the gap between essential bottom-up localised action and the EU energy agenda by institutionalizing sustainable energy policy into the operations of municipalities.



Measure and Share energy data with Utilities for the Covenant of Mayors: develop procedures to facilitate the exchange of data of energy consumption among energy utilities and public authorities responsible for the development of SEAPs.



Adding to SEAP – more participants, more content across Europe: enhancing CoM results and impacts through the increase of both Covenant Supporters and CoM signatories. Six pairs of regional partners will be created to facilitate direct transfer of knowledge and know-how from experienced partners to learning ones.

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